Whatsapp Status Feature On iPhone

Whatsapp is the most famous and commonly used mobile phone application among all other social applications available nowadays. It’s used for the purpose of entertainment, delivers your message to anybody within Nanoseconds, WhatsApp call makes you able to call anyone and talk with your loved ones free of cost etc.

A few days earlier in WhatsApp, the feature of “status” was halted. This news was not taken happily by mobile phone users. Whatsapp is one of the most famous and commonly used mobile phone application these days. Fun elements that WhatsApp status consists of are, written below:

  • Video emojis
  • GIF’s
  • General pictures and text etc.

This certain “status” feature of WhatsApp is rocking the happy world of mobile phone users. As this special feature was only available on Instagram story option and snap chat.  This amazing and fun part of WhatsApp was halted on all mobile phones, except for iPhone, iPhone users are officially allowed to use this wonderful feature.

Whatsapp “status” makes its way back to iPhone Whatsapp has held itself back on track and allowed iPhone users to use this feature happily.

Usage of fun “status” feature on iPhone

As you will hit the current WhatsApp option on your iPhone, text status feature will be retrieved. First of all, go to the Google application store and download the current and new advanced WhatsApp (v2.17.10). Important information that one must know is that in new WhatsApp “status” is not known as status anymore it’s called “about”. This feature is a little bit expanded and has got few extra things to its credit like getting to see a few videos that are not even completely downloaded yet, capturing videos option is improved even under dim lights, a “new moon” option is introduced in order to take beautiful pictures and lastly, 3D assistance for editing and reaping the pictures.

Next step after getting new and advanced WhatsApp in iPhone is to reach the option “about” which you will get after pressing the option of setting in WhatsApp. Also, hit your profile name on the top of your screen. Look for the “about” option at bottommost of the screen. You will be able to see all the previous updates you made before the status option was gone forever. Change in status is for about complete twenty-four hours and you can customize status according to needed précised requirements.

Whatsapp has introduced many other options like snap chat and Instagram. You can easily have access to information about how many numbers of people viewed your WhatsApp status at what time precisely. Another new option is fast reply when viewing one of your friend’s status, you can send a fast reply on the small window popped up on your iPhone screen. Also, there is an awesome feature of mute like in case if you don’t wish to see the status of any friend or a group chat, just mute it.

Users of WhatsApp application are more than the huge figure of 800 million around the globe. The most special and exceptional thing about this application is that it can be downloaded on any sort of cellular phones and few other gadgets. Whatsapp is being used by android mobile phone users and iPhone users. Talking about iPhones, they are higher in price as compare to androids and bare some boldness among all other mobile phones. But still, application of WhatsApp has marketed itself on the most wanted application even on iPhone. Obviously, WhatsApp on iPhones and other android mobile phones is not exactly same, which gives extra edge and distinction to iPhones. When it comes down to factors like voice messages, voice calls and GIF’s etc.

iPhones have got more modified options and features. Application of WhatsApp for iPhones and application of Whatsapp for android mobile phone users are both altered a lot, these changes are to bring in the standard line of advanced options in accordance with the particular functioning system of iPhone 8 and android lollipop. Whatsapp is more user-friendly in iPhones while in android phones it can get difficult when it comes to settings and functionality of the application. Notifications are a good option where a user can see a tiny bit of information even from the lock screen of the phone. But one cannot reply back straight away from notification option just like “fast reply”.  One must click on the notification tab and open the message. This factor is same for android mobile phones and iPhones. Luckily, in an android phone, you get to see a bit of more information than iPhone. The way of chatting is almost same in iPhones and android mobile phones except few which are very minor like icons and chat bubbles. There is no comparison between “contacts” of android phone and iPhones. Contacts are way better in iPhones all the contacts are laid out in alphabetical order. In order to find a certain

There is no comparison between “contacts” of android phone and iPhones. Contacts are way better in iPhones all the contacts are laid out in alphabetical order. In order to find a certain contact, you can easily shift to another letter. You can also check Music Maniac Pro App For Android

Who gets to see your status updates on WhatsApp?

Whole contact list saved on WhatsApp are able to view your status updates by just tapping on your name on their screen. Chatting and looking at any contact’s profile option are same as before. Whatsapp application is going on top and it has no plans at all to withdraw with all the new options that are very much similar to other applications. Facebook is the boss of all these social applications, but WhatsApp is out of its hands now. Staying in competition, Facebook is working day and night for Facebook messenger, since it’s used very less by people.

Facebook has introduced an application called “messenger day” and plans to bring out similar options like WhatsApp to get some fame for this application. Application of Instagram has got all the options from the beginning, although both applications are babies off Facebook. Facebook is trying from more than a year to introduce new options on messenger like adding gifs and quick videos in chatting option from famous programming companies.

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