Google Releases First Android “O” Developer Preview

The next version of Android has come out with more powerful features and better optimization. Let’s have a look –out at Android O testing, development and feedback from the android developers. Android O Developer Preview has been launched in the market with a lot of exciting features to allure the customers more and more.

Have a glance at Android O developer preview top-notch features:

Background Limits

Android O was basically built keeping in mind the battery life of the smartphone and the performance of a device. For doing this, automatic limits are being put on the apps in the background i.e. in implicit broadcasts, location updates and background services. Through this change, the creation of the app will be more helpful and the battery life will be much longer.

Notification Channels

Notification channels are also introduced as the new app-defined categories in the Android O. With the aid of this feature, the user will be able to block or change the behavior of the channel, rather than managing the app’s notification.

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Autofill APIs

With the new feature of Autofill APIs in the Android O, all the secure data information such as user name, passwords, addresses can be stored. By the addition of the New API, autofill service can be implemented.

Adaptive Icons

For the better interaction with the device UI, android O has created adaptive icons that the system displays in different shapes. The interactions can be animated with the icons and can be used in the launcher, settings, sharing dialogs and shortcuts.

Font Resources in XML

 Fonts in the XML layouts, as well as the fonts in XML, can be used. The font style and weight along with the font files are clearly declared and fully supported in android O.

Keyboard Navigation

 With the support of “arrow” and “tab” navigation, in android O the developers can focus more on building the reliability and predictability.

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