Top Augmented Reality apps you must try now!

Augmented Reality has turned out to be one of the most exciting technologies that the digital space has provided us with. Applications of augmented reality are just about infinite and it can be used in any industry to produce real-time, practical use cases of an idea before actually proceeding to create or construct something from scratch. With the passing use case building ability of AR, we can collect insights of different components of an idea, like feasibility, time of completion, resources required and anticipating the challenges that we cannot think of on our own.

In recent times some of the best mobile apps development company have built mobile apps that provide great AR applications, which tech lovers and even the general users have accepted with open arms. In this article,

We would list some of the most exceptional AR apps that are the most popular by-products of AR technology.

Pokémon Go

You can either love this game for the incredible world it creates for the gamers where they interact with different elements of the game like gyms, Pokémon locations, etc., or hate it for how much hype it created and how many times things have gone wrong with people looking for Pokémon on streets like a real thing;

But in the middle, what is common is that this app got more than 700 million downloads on App Store and Play Store, uniformly, all over the world. And it is still one of the most downloaded apps on both the platforms and an exemplary specimen of mobile app development.


Who doesn’t know Instagram? One of the biggest social media platforms that went viral as soon as it was launched, Instagram was back in talks, when it launched AR features integrated with its camera window.

Being the first choice of selfie lovers, the AR feature of Instagram was used widely and made it one of the most unique apps on the web, once again.


Just like Instagram, mobile app developers at Facebook launched AR filters to modify your picture into something else. As a clever,r opportunistic platform, Facebook launched AR filters from trending topics like trending TV serials such as Game of Thrones, and movies such as Justice League.

Users loved how they could transform themselves into amazing superhero characters. However, at present, Facebook has removed the AR feature from the app, only to be, possibly, back with more.


Although people complain about how SnapChat heated their phone to terribly high temperatures, they just could not stop using it because it is just so much fun. And as a matter of fact, the use of Augmented Reality in selfies was the idea of SnapChat, which was later adopted by popular apps like Facebook, Instagram and more. SnapChat, with its unique AR filters that keep on changing and updating from time to time, rejuvenated the follow-up culture on social media platforms and registered itself quickly among one of the most downloaded apps on app distribution platforms.

Field Trip

If you are a passionate traveler and a tech enthusiast at the same time, Field Trip is a must-have mobile app in your phone library. Field Trips helps you go places with its AR integration with the world around you. It keeps you informed about the points of interest around you and notifies you about something interesting associated to that point of interest you just unknowingly passed by. On its AR view map, you can also navigate your ways through to great and popular spots around you.

IKEA Place

Isn’t it frustrating when you can’t decide which carpet would best suit that wooden floor that you just installed in your house. Or how perfect would that dining table set a match up with the new restaurant you are about to launch.

IKEA Place solves this problem by simply allowing you to check how particular furniture would look like in accurate settings. And it does that with the help of Augmented Reality. The application has a dedicated AR logic for each of its furniture that fits perfectly in the setting and helps you see clearly if you want to buy it or not.

The most appealing factor in Augmented Reality is that it allows one to see how something is going to work in the future. Industrial applications of augmented reality have been readily accepted by the biggest players and some of the biggest sectors that have tried augmented reality hands-on, with their projects are retail, logistics, manufacturing, civil engineering and a few more.


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