How to Choose best B2B E-Commerce Platform for Your Business

According to industry analysts in the United States, e-commerce as the most B2B sales will rise. Some say it will approach an estimated $1 trillion. This is nearly about four times the actual size of the current B2C e-commerce market.

You should know that the B2B e-commerce market today is still in its infancy. Countless organizations are even thinking of the essential development and basics of the strategy. To help your e-commerce business grow, you need to have a clear understanding of the B2B e-commerce platform and how a smart one can be best for your business.

Read on below to learn about choosing the best B2B e-commerce platform for your business.

Is Your B2B E-commerce Platform Essential?

The fact is that B2B e-commerce has been around for several years. However, the experiences today tend to not be up to the standards of present-day’s B2C. Maximum B2B leaders today are now realizing the opportunity in the B2B e-commerce industry. Now, digital investment is a key area that is crucial for any e-commerce business that wishes to increase its sales.

Similar to B2B companies, most B2B executives have to position themselves exactly where their buyers are in the market. They have to ensure they succeed online and must focus on consumer experience. Note that the type of B2B e-commerce that you choose will also affect your experience. This is a reason why choosing an appropriate option is essential for the decision of your business.

Choosing a Suitable E-commerce Platform

For an e-commerce platform to ensure it boosts sales, it needs to turn to smart tools like Order Circle, which help the ordering process and proper sales management. When choosing such options, you need to look out for key elements, including:

The Functionality

Keep in mind that B2B selling is a lot different compared to B2C. Such businesses have specific requirements and complexities when selling them to other companies. The tool or platform you choose has to meet the needs of others. You have to ensure the wholesale selling tool you select offers a:

An easy Design

Some so many customers prefer to shop online across different devices, and they find it easier to check for the prices of products on their phones or tablet. Some e-commerce platforms that do not have such options only push people to complete their purchases on their desktops. You should be aware that your platform must accommodate to other buyers, so it has to render well across other devices like tablets and iPads. This makes it so much easier for customers to explore the products and complete their purchases right away.


Your B2B e-commerce platform should also integrate well with other systems. This ensures that your online and offline channels all work closely together with ease. For most businesses, integrations enable effective selling through multichannel and ensure customers have a great experience. Some wholesale selling tools also allow centralized ordering and inventory management.

Proper Pricing

Every B2B e-commerce has to be able to cater to the various needs of their customers, especially concerning pricing items that are for sale. Compared to B2C, the prices usually vary among customers. Note that your B2B platform has to provide you with the right ability to list different prices for the various customers that visit you.


Note that PCI compliance is essential for e-commerce sellers. This helps to ensure that businesses safeguard the information (credit card payment information) at all times, especially when they make purchases. Depending on the right platform type, this would also add more to your responsibilities. You have to ensure that your payment options meet the industry’s standards.

Tracking Orders

Having a useful tool for your B2B e-commerce business can help you to track all your orders on time, and evaluate the costs, the wholesale products, and the location. It also allows the management of inventory in a well-organized and straightforward manner.

Accept and Manage Wholesale Orders

With the right e-commerce tool, give your customers a modern experience, just as they should expect from online wholesalers. It should enable you to add products quickly, invite customers, customize price lists and allow them to place orders online.

End Words:

Remember that choosing the right e-commerce platform for your e-commerce business takes a lot of time and research. Before you invest, you should search for appropriate tools, and options for mental peace in the long term. You should also consult some experts who use wholesale selling tools, to get a better idea of how you can implement it in your e-commerce platform.

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