Logitech G Pro X Superlight Mouse: Price, Review & Details

When it comes to computer laptop accessories, One company named Logitech always comes to mind first at the time of buying a mouse, keyboard, and other gadgets. Logitech is one of the most trusted companies which provides different types of gaming and regular use of the mouse in all range.

Logitech Pro X Superlight Wireless Esports Mouse

Logitech introduced one of the lightest wireless esports gaming mouse this week in the entire range of gaming mice, and it’s called the Logitech G PRO X Superlight. Outfitted with the company’s Lightspeed wireless tech and HERO 25K sensor, the Pro X Superlight is marketed towards competitive esports players and enthusiasts.

According to Logitech, “To meet the demands of competitive gaming, the new PRO X SUPERLIGHT was designed to remove all obstacles to winning by being Logitech G’s lightest, fastest PRO Wireless mouse yet. Meticulously redesigned and engineered to reduce weight while enhancing performance, the new PRO X SUPERLIGHT is less than 63 grams and nearly 25% lighter than the standard PRO Wireless.”

Features of Logitech Pro X Superlight Wireless Esports Mouse


Logitech G Pro X Superlight is Meticulously designed in collaboration with many of the world’s leading esports pros. Engineered target to achieve the purpose of the highest levels of performance.


It is Ultra-lightweight at under 63 grams, with hyper-minimal redesign achieving nearly 25% weight reduction than standard PRO Wireless mouse.


LIGHTSPEED, PRO X SUPERLIGHT is one of the fastest and most reliable PRO mouse yet.

Gaming Mouse:

Incredibly precise, fast, and consistent control with HERO Sensor, designed from Logitech G engineers’ ground up for the best possible gaming performance.


Available in black and white.

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Logitech G Pro X Superlight


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