5 Suitable Video Chat APIs for Mobile Applications

Mobile apps are growing popular in today’s scenarios.

Today smartphones are being used as the only platform required to cater to any needs.

Could you imagine that a single device is now becoming the hub for family, friends to engage with each other?

Even businesses are profiting from their brand growth better with the use of mobile apps. Mobile apps are growing well because when it comes to communication, they can do so much.

For instance, businesses can build a live video chat app to cater to their clients. 

Now that businesses have moved online, live video call apps have become the new and preferred mode of communication. But we all know the reality that building a live video chat app from scratch is a tedious process; hence here is when video chat APIs come to use. What is video chat APIs all about and how they can build live video chat apps in 2021 is exactly what this blog will help you understand.

What Do You Mean By ‘Video Chat API/SDK?

  • Video chat API/SDK integrates video audio tools in any platform you choose to make it capable of conducting video engagements.
  • The API provides the technical infrastructure in order to help build a live video chat app.
  • These integration tools are available in the format of API and SDK so that integrating video engagements is easily possible on any platform or device.

How Does A Live Video Call App Work?

With the use of VOIP, video engagements can easily take place between two parties. Since this process works via the internet, sending engagement requests to other users is possible.

Once the end-user receives the call request, the audio and video will immediately be decoded on that device.

Hence, to build a live video chat app, using the assistance of famous chat apps providers is necessary.

These video chat APIs with excellent features help developers create an efficient live video call app without having to worry about infrastructure or additional expenses.

But since there are multiple video chat APIs available in the market, how can you choose the right one that fits your needs?

The next category will be your guide.

Top 5 Video Chat APIs To Consider

1. CONTUS MirrorFly

Contus MirrorFLY video api

CONTUS MirrorFly can help you build HQ live video calling experiences from MirrorFly’s API and SDK suited for web and mobile apps. They offer a 100% customization solution along with 150+ chat features. This API provider offers everything you need to build an efficient live video call app, such as high-performance backend infrastructure, cloud infrastructure, and more.

They provide multiple features such as video rest API, video encryption, secure file sharing, seamless video conferencing solution, and much more. They are also HIPAA compliant.

2. Sinch

Sinch video api

Sinch is another favorite chat app you should consider in 2021. They efficiently help your clients engage better on any communication platform you plan to build. They aim to help cater to multiple successes such as eliminating no-shows, increasing sales, and driving higher ROI.

They offer multiple features such as cross-platform support, media stream control, peer-to-peer communication, and much more.

3. Vonage

Vonage Video Calling api

Tokbox is now being referred to as Vonage APIs. It helps you build a live interactive video experience in your applications. You have the option to create a custom-based video experience on any device or platform you wish. This API provider caters to multiple types of industries such as telehealth, enterprises, and more.

Their top features include enterprise-grade support, video chat embeds, screen sharing, video stream customization, and more.

4. Agora

Agora Video Calling api

Agora offers a real-time engagement platform for its users. It specializes in offering real-time voice as well as video engagements. This API provider offers developers SDKs and building blocks so that creating multiple real-time engagement activities is possible. It also caters to multiple types of industries such as retail, gaming, and more.

Their features include intelligent video resolution, customized appearance, AI-powered add-on services, screen sharing, and more.

5 PubNub

Pubnub video api

PubNub provides in-app chat for real-time engagement. It helps you build the ideal chat experience you wish to deliver to your clients. It lets you focus on enhancing the user experience and takes care of all the infrastructure work. They have a pay for what you use policy which makes this API solution more convenient.

Their features include Channel metadata, Giphy, unread message counts, file and image sharing, user presence indicators, and more.


Live video call apps are not going to fade anytime soon.

Their popularity has given rise to video chat API providers to help developers create an efficient communication platform.

You now have the complete list of famous chat apps to be considered in 2021.

So when do you plan to get started?

Is there any video chat API provider that has caught your attention?

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