Top 9 Social Media Apps to revamp your Social Presence

Social media has adopted itself with every part of our life. Over the years, Social Media has gained immense popularity which has led to the rise of numerous top mobile app development companies in India. Even though many argue about the negative impact, it had in our life, but it also possesses a lot of positive sides for which it has gained such immense popularity in society. If used the right way, it can bring in a lot of positivity in the life of a person in terms of happiness, peace of time, healthy conversation, as well as productivity of time.

Social media has helped a lot of people to explore their creative side by sharing their creativity with other people through social media apps. It has been successful in helping people to share their professional and personal activities with the rest of the world.

But when people get too much indulged in this virtual world, the negative effects start showing up.  People are porn to scroll social media whenever they are free and bored. And this is when the negative effects of social media start affecting us. It affects when it becomes a tool of entertainment from a tool of communicating.

If people want to gain the advantages of social media, then it is vital for them to explore the productive side of the apps rather than using it is as an entertainment app. And the productive side of social media apps starts showing app shows up when people start sharing and exchanging content with common goals and value within their social media community and friends.

So, let us have a look at some of the best social media apps that will help you to explore your creative side.


Facebook Social Media App

When it comes to social media apps, Facebook is the first name that pops in the mind of every individual. Even though Facebook is definitely not the first social media app discovered but is surely the most popular one being used by more than billions of people and have millions of daily active users.

Facebook is one of the biggest social media platforms where you can update status, play games, post pictures, and can also connect it to numerous third-party apps. From making new friends to following celebrities, from texting to video calling, you can do almost everything and anything on the social media platforms.


Youtube Social Media App

Even though you can make new friends and update status or chat on YouTube, but it is one of the best social media apps where you can share your creativity. After Facebook, YouTube has the most number of users as well as daily active users. You can share the video of anything that you would like to until and unless it is not violating the community guideline of the application.

Plenty of people have managed to flourish through YouTube, and a prime example of it is the popular pop star, Justin Bieber.  It is now the first choice to add to the social media app by the top app development companies.


Reddit Social Media

Regardless of what problem you are facing and what answer you are looking for, post bit on Reddit and you will get the answer. Reddit is a social media platform that consists of a huge community where random people ask a question, and random people answer it. There is no restriction on the kind of question. It is one of the best places to look for an answer if you can’t find it on Google.

Reddit is a wonderfully designed social media platform which has been around for a long time but has released its app only a few days back.


Instagram Social Media

When it comes to simplicity yet usefulness, it is hard to beat the giant social media app, Instagram. In Instagram, you can share your picture or any picture that you want till it adheres by the community guidelines.

You can even use the new filters that are available in the app for making the app even more interesting. The app also has options such as sharing the picture with other social media apps as well.


Twitter Social Media Platform

After Facebook, if any apps have gained huge popularity within a few days than it is twitter. Twitter uses a simple yet fun way of getting people connected.

Upload a status that is limited to 40 words are quite an easy job to do on Twitter, which probably is known as a tweet. You can upload whatever status that you would like to be it be about your life or any political or professional subject, you can tweet the status, and the people who are following you will get to see your tweet. Similarly, even you can follow somebody like your friend or any other personality to see their tweet.


Snapchat Social Media

Just like Whatsapp, Snapchat is yet another social media application which you can use for chatting with other people. But unlike WhatsApp, this app comes with multiple, other features such as new face filters which you can use for clicking pictures.

Apart from taking pictures using those filters, you can also use those filters while video calling. And the best part about the app is that it has a feature which one can utilize while sending a picture to someone. Once the images are viewed by almost all your people, it automatically removes it from the chat or status.

Moreover, if someone takes a screenshot of you while video calling, you will get a notification.

Sounds interesting right? However, people who are not well skilled in this hire android developer to sort all their problem and so can you.


LinkedIn Social Media

LinkedIn is often used for establishing a professional connection. With the help of this app, you can connect with people in a professional ground. If you are looking forward to getting a job in your desired field, then this is one of the best apps which you can use for establishing a professional connection with others.


Pinterest Social Media

Pinterest is an interesting social media application which is for sharing pictures as well as quotes by max population across the world. But the thing is, in this social media application you can only share the picture and nothing else.


Tumblr Social Media

When it come sot a clean design app that is easy to use as well, then it is hard to beat Tumblr. Even though when the app first arrived in the market, it hasn’t gained much popularity, but gradually over the years, the app has gained huge popularity among the users.

If you are looking forward to uploading a status, uploading a photo or commenting on pictures, or sharing a video or even making new friends, Tumblr is the right place where you can do it all with ease. The app comes with multiple settings that one can utilize for making their profile more secured and personal as well.

So, now that you know the best social media apps make sure you use them wisely for exploring your creativity rather than a source of entertainment. Or you can even hire an android developer for making your app and join the league.

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