5 Most Recommended Tools You Need for Your E-commerce Store

By 2022, the global e-commerce economy is about to reach the $4 trillion mark. If you have an e-commerce website or develop one using an e-commerce platform, you have all the chances to achieve the desired result. With the right marketing tools involved, you will be able to target the right audience and make the desired profit. Before you go any further, you should know five effective e-commerce tools that will help you succeed in your business endeavors.

Mailchimp for Email Marketing

Email marketing has become one of the most effective digital marketing strategies for business growth. Of course, it can’t function without the right tool. Mailchimp is one of them as it offers multiple integrations with all the leading e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify and WooCommerce. Apart from the ability to create email marketing campaigns, as well as establish marketing automation, it also allows you to optimize available templates and organize content restructuration. Mailchimp also has several features that are perfectly suitable for e-commerce businesses. These include:

  • Automated abandoned cart emails;
  • Personalized product suggestions for upselling;
  • Order notifications.

What’s more, you can integrate A/B and multivariate tests, divide your subscribers into categories, optimize your delivery timeframes, as well as develop comparative reports. With Mailchimp, you can also produce and distribute Social media campaigns with Instagram and Facebook ads to reach your target audience and bring shoppers straight to your website.

Monetate for E-commerce personalization

Shopping platforms like eBay have turned personalization into an integral part of e-commerce. Thanks to personalized content, it becomes hardly possible for shoppers not to buy something from them. So, how is it possible to deliver personalized experiences? Monetate is one of the possible solutions, as it can help you optimize and personalize your customers’ experiences. The tool has three main products:

  • The Intelligent Personalization Engine tool helps you collect and analyze data that is required for omnichannel personalized experiences. It can encourage these personalized experiences on any channel you use, whether it comes to your website or mobile app.
  • The Test & Segment tool helps you create complex A/B and multivariate tests, indicate audience segments based on real-time behaviors, as well as analyze contextual observations and historical data extracted from CRM and POS systems This way, you can target current weather, users’ devices, and screen resolutions.
  • The Intelligent Recommendations tool helps you deliver personalized product suggestions across all of your business channels. These include your website, mobile app, etc.).

SEMRush for Digital Marketing

How to make it easier for your target audience to find your products? And how to make sure that you have got an edge over your market competitors? SEMRush happens to be a powerful SEO tool that helps you optimize your online store for search engines. It also allows you to spy on your competitors’ online strategies in detail.

When it comes to competitor analysis tools, there are a few ways to benefit from SEMRush. Here they are:

  • Organic research allows you to specify the best keywords and indicate new competitors.
  • Backlink research allows you to find your competitors’ mentions and backlinks and learn how they affect their domain authority.
  • Advertising research allows you to understand your competitors’ marketing strategies, budgets, and keywords.

In addition, you can also use SEMRush for your SEO needs. By auditing your website, you can check its SEO “health.” If some amendments are required, you can use the on-page SEO checker to get practical suggestions on how to improve your on-page SEO.

Shipwire for Store Logistics

To establish a successful e-commerce business, it’s not enough to have a good product. You should also provide customers with a pleasing shopping experience, from the moment they start browsing your store to the moment they get a purchase delivered to their home. When it comes to logistics, it can make or break your business. Today, customers are spoilt by shopping giants like eBay and Amazon in terms of service quality. So, they have the same expectations toward smaller online sellers.

Shipwire can be a reasonable solution for developing a powerful global logistics network in one place. It helps you manage your transactions from one dashboard, as well as organize your work orders in different commerce systems. Moreover, it makes it easier to check the inventory, sales orders, delivery statuses, and returns that are associated with product delivery and logistics.

Metrilo for E-commerce Analytics

Analytics are crucial for any type of business. E-commerce doesn’t make an exception here. Analytics helps you keep track of your business profitability and customers’ satisfaction. They inform you about your profits, KPIs (key performance indicators), and audience. With this information in mind, you can improve your business performance.

While Google Analytics offers excellent features for e-commerce businesses, it has a broad specification. This is where Metrilo steps in. Being a powerful e-commerce analytics resource, it allows you to collect, visualize, and access all of your e-commerce details. These include:

  • Cart abandonment level;
  • The number of orders per customer;
  • One time buyers vs. returning customers;
  • Average order values;
  • Online conversion rate;
  • Checkout completion.

When you have particular marketing campaigns integrated, you need to learn their efficiency. Thanks to Metrilo features, you can find out which campaign brings more customers and brought bigger revenues. Apart from the analytics, you also get several additional tools for email marketing, e-commerce CRM, and customer retention.

For example, online writing companies like Graduateowls.com often use these analytics to understand their target audience. This way, they manage to adapt their products to fast-changing customers’ needs and preferences.

Bottom Line

These are some of the most efficient eCommerce tools to be used for your online store in 2021. Some of them help you deliver a delightful shopping experience for omnichannel shoppers, while others make it possible for you to provide better customer support. Depending on your business needs, you will be able to choose the instrument for efficient marketing, personalization, SEO, analytics, or logistics. Before you choose a toolkit, take the time to properly research each tool from the above list.

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