How To Earn Good Revenue From Your Dating App?

An online dating app is very commonplace where many people find their perfect life partner. Not only your soul-mate, but you can also earn some money using different money-making methods in these dating apps when there are substantial member activities and participation. The Dating App Development process requires users to join and a growing number of members. Otherwise, no one will show interest in your dating platform if only a few members talk to or chat with you.

Earning good revenue from a dating app is not easy for any owner in this highly competitive market in the digital world. Every app owner has the same question in mind that how to make money through dating app?

There are some proven methods to make online income by developing your dating application & website. We have researched some significant points in this blog.

Tips to make Money from the Online Dating Apps

1. Successful Revenue Strategy Planning

Developing a dating app with attractive features is a must. To make some fruitful revenue from your dating application, you need to plan a proper strategy before introducing it online for the consumers. There are several methods in this segment to earn money. But first, you need to develop this app, an attractive one for your targeted users.

2. Free Membership with Limited Access

We all love to test some products or services before paying for them. This free-joining strategy can attract many users to join your dating app. If you can provide various attractive and engaging facilities in the free segment, they can make it popular among their friend circle by telling them about your app to join.

There should be an access limitation in free membership. If you want to get involved with some severe and high-quality dating profiles for potential matches, you need to go for the paid ones. But you need to remember one thing: an accessible joining facility can boost your consumer database, but it will not help you generate revenue from it. So, it would help if you went for the affiliate networks, user gift exchange, and paid membership for premium and VIP content.

3. Affiliate Network and Ads

The addition of ads and affiliate networks in your dating apps and website is the best monetization trick to earn healthy revenue from it. It was always a fruitful strategy for all niches to earn money by engaging many people on their website.

Affiliate networks can support your apps and website with various gift items like flowers, cakes, or jewelry. If you can effectively work with those affiliates, your mobile dating app has a good potential of producing cash. Most of the ads prefer CPA (Cost Per Action), which allows you to earn money with visitors.

4. Paid Premium Access

There are many helpful ways to make a dating app popular on the internet, and you can also earn healthy revenue from it. Paid premium access is one of the best ways among them. You need to provide some attractive additional features for a small amount of charge. Profile Boost is a terrific add-on that can be charged a little fee to customers to assist them in getting their profile to the top of the search results for a set time.

5. Virtual Gifting Facility

All the well-known dating apps and websites allow one consumer to send a virtual gift to another in a perfect profile match. This is now the latest, romantic, and trending style of many dating applications. So, you need to take advantage of this in your app. Set a mark of paid membership to enjoy this facility for your users and also a level of gift item they can send through your app.

The gift items can include custom-designed greeting cards, virtual flowers, gift cards, heart-shaped candy, party vouchers, restaurant discount coupons, etc. The gift-giving facility in the dating app is now a trending matter for all the users, and it can open the gate to earn more revenue from your app.

6. Real Live Events

Hosting an actual live event and giving the users a chance to meet their partner in real life is a great idea to generate massive revenue if you can manage it hassle-free. If users can meet their match in real life, your app will give them a sense of authenticity, which will help your app grow quicker than anything else. But it would help if you had special contacts to arrange such events. Beautiful venue, decoration, catering arrangements, and many other things are added, which have to be appropriately done by you and your team. To arrange live event your can use the Online Event Registration platforms like bookmyshow, eventbrite, EventCreate, Eventee and many more.

7. VIP Memberships

You need to enhance the facility of VIP membership with special permission and access to justify the higher cost. You have to design the level of facility that can assist a regular paid member in upgrading their account or profile to a VIP member for some attractive and exclusive access.

Building a dating app is not a tough job today, but generating healthy revenue requires executing many strategies. So, VIP members are the key factors of such profitable revenue, and you need to keep them always happy with your excellent service.

8. Advertising

Ads are another method for dating apps to make money. When a user views or clicks on advertising that shows while using a device, money is made. Including advertisements in your dating apps is an excellent method to make money from them, and it works well if you have many non-VIP users.

Depending on the ad models available, dating apps make money from ad views, clicks, or purchases.

Advertisements can take many forms, including banner advertising, texts, context ads, video commercials, surveys, and so on. Most apps offer ad-free access to premium subscribers, whereas advertising is only visible to free users.

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9. Sponsored Profiles

You may have seen that some businesses have partnered with tinder to display their profiles as sponsored content. Tinder cleverly displays sponsored posts to its users and profits from them. The fascinating part is that the user receives a pre-written message from the sponsor when they swipe right on the sponsored profile. The registered user can also communicate with the sponsor.

10. Rewarded videos and surveys

The app owner receives cash for each video or survey completion; therefore, surveys and videos can be considered an extension of in-app advertising. You can use these approaches to persuade people to take a survey or watch a promotional film in exchange for a reward.

These types of ads are common on other apps, and they’d be perfect for dating apps if the advertisement is for a product. This is an ideal fit for the target audience, which includes, for example, young people from a given city or age range. 


An adequate income plan is critical to every company’s financial success. If you are going to launch your online dating app, then at the very first stage, you need to closely observe all of the competitor’s apps to understand their strategy and business planning.

Nothing can guarantee you steady revenue for a long time. That’s why you need to keep researching the latest trend of this dating segment to improve your app and help your consumers get their matches. You also need to know all the tricks and tips about converting a free member to a paid one by offering them excellent services and facilities.

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