What is Auto Dialer Software for Call Centre Industries?

According to most call centre industries, Auto dialers are the best way for them to utilize their sales and marketing teams for their lead generation campaign. Lots of people don’t know what Auto dialers are and how does it work?.

So here we have a quick guide to let you know what we understand about the auto-dialer and the various benefits of using auto dialer for your call centre industries.

What is Cloud Auto Dialer?

An auto dialer is a cloud-based software that automatically calls many mobile numbers as per uploaded leads. Once the call is answered, it connects either to a recorded message or to a person on the other side. It is mostly being used for advertisements or lead generation campaigns these days. Still, it is also being used for spreading information beneficial for the people.

Call Center Industries use Cloud-Based Auto dialer software to run a Lead Generation campaign for political campaigns, insurance, banking, mortgage, and loan industries to generate leads & spread their voice.

Many call centers use Auto Dialer software to increase their revenue and run a successful business. It is very important to know how to choose the best auto dialers.

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Different types of auto dialers are available, but you can choose according to your business requirement.

The different types of dialers are predictive dialer, progressive dialer & preview dialer, and power dialer.

In simple terms, the auto-dialer can automatically dial the long list of phone numbers for your business purpose.

How Does an Auto Dialer work?

In the auto-dialer, after the call is connected, a live operator or computer greets the customer and informs them about the various things for the day.

Now let’s check where auto dialers are used:

Auto dialers are used at various places such as in schools to alert parents and students, in hospitals or clinics to remind patients when to take medicines, and lots more. But for call centers, this is best to generate sales. Autodialer dials the various numbers in call centres, and this software dials the multiple stored numbers on behalf of the manual agents. Once the call is connected, the auto-dialer either transfers it to the customer representative or IVR.

Why do Call Centers need an autodialer?

  • The auto dialer helps remove significant call problem centres such as call drops, wait time, etc. It also helps detect unanswered calls, busy tones, disconnected calls, and lots more.
  • This helps in increasing agent productivity.
  • This helps in decreasing the agent’s idle time by handling unanswered and disconnected calls.
  • The most crucial benefit of using an autodialer is to generate leads. This software helps agents reduce their talk time by which it is easy for them to handle other calls and operations, which directly focuses on lead generation.

In the call centres, each telemarketer agent has their headset and phone line; auto-dialers need only these two things to work properly. This software is not that expensive or complicated, you need only computers, a voice modem, auto-dialing software, and an active phone line, and that’s it. The most important part of the call centre is the autodialer, which tells the computer which number to dial and how to answer various situations.

What are the various benefits of using Auto-Dialer in Call Centres:

  • Autodialer software used increases work efficiency, and it saves time for the agents or employees;
  • It eliminates misdialling, calls drops, and waiting time. It sets a fixed number of calls to be dialed, and it automatically stops dialing if the limit is reached because limited employees are working.
  • It reduces waiting time for agents such as if an agent uses a manual dialer the agents face disconnected calls, line busy, and call drops too, but it’s not the same with the auto-dialer
  • It recognizes all the constraints and skips them for the agent.

What is the Difference between Predictive Dialer and Auto Dialer?

These days, most companies use the cloud-based predictive dialer because auto dialer dials one after other numbers. In contrast, the predictive dialer has numbers queued, the numbers waiting to be answered by the agent, increasing time efficiency and keeping the agent busy and productive. But the predictive auto dialer is much more complicated as compared to the autodialer. Predictive dialer dials multiple numbers simultaneously and operates on the algorithm set by the call centre. In contrast, the auto-dialer lists the numbers and dials all the numbers sequentially without missing any of the numbers.

What is the purpose of a Predictive Dialer?

The predictive dialer is used in the call centres because of the various reasons:

First of all, it keeps all the track records of the dialed number, which number is dialled, the various call lengths, and which agent is next available to talk or take calls. Using a predictive dialer at call centres helps increase productivity, improve talk time, and track performance.

So, start using Auto dialers with multiple agents for your successful call centre business.

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