Voice Calling SDK & API with Incredible Features

Voice call has always been the best way of communication, the simplest way that can make a big difference in any business.

However, we can say that voice calling has created a great impact on almost all businesses wherever there is a need for voice communication.

In this article, we will have a deep insight as to what is voice calling API all about with its exciting features? And also its contribution to the success of any business.

Let’s Explore Voice Calling / Chat API & SDK!

Simply voice/audio calling SDK & API can be defined as a solution that is used over calls despite whether it’s on making a call or receiving a call.

Moreover, when this voice calling SDK is integrated into an application you can,

  • Have complete control over the calls
  • Make outbound calls
  • Monitor outbound call events
  • Retrieve the information about the call once it’s finished

These voice calling API are meant for mobiles and web applications. Even, it helps enable phone numbers around the world.

The popularity of Voice Interaction via Voice Chat software

Nowadays, voice interaction is becoming more popular. Moreover, it is used as a controlling device in everyday life.

It permits the users to get information when they find it uncomfortable to navigate the screen. For instance, these voice commands given through the voice API solutions, can be used to find the recipes while cooking, to know the direction while driving, etc.

As per Google studies, it was found that almost 55% of teenagers and 41% of adults use voice commands more than once a day to perform their everyday tasks. That includes making calls, finding routes, dictating text, etc.

As time moves on this best voice calling API technology is getting improved simultaneously. It was found that voice commands are used in almost all kinds of apps: list-making, fitness, cooking, e-commerce, healthcare, and video streaming.

And when it comes to regular usage, it is the most popular one to find the direction. Even it is the most easily accessible feature that has been implemented by almost everybody.

How Can Voice Calling APIs & SDKs Make a Difference in any Business? 

Well, when it is about success in any business – it’s a real deal, where your decision for the best-practice solution in terms of communication can give rise to big transformations.

And of course, voice calling API for Android, iOS, and web applications is the only choice!

Voice API solutions can help businesses in many ways that include call monitoring, call receiving, and making calls, all with minimal effort and convenience.

It is an application that permits businesses to make or receive calls without a phone i.e., through voice APIs.

This audio calling API relies on WebRTC that can be integrated into any mobile and web application allowing the businesses to perform all the voice call-related actions that are possible with a real phone. This includes answering calls, dialing out, and other related rich call control features.

Best Voice Calling API Features

Real-time communication APIs and SDKs that deal with all modes of communication. Within that, it plays a very essential role for Audio calling API.

It provides the finest audio calling API software with many exciting features. Some of the features are as follows,

1. Play Audio Prompts

Voice Call API Audio Prompts Feature

Pre-recording of audio files is the most useful feature that the customer support business watches out for. However, with this feature, you can play pre-recorded audio files at any time during a call, in a way it helps in avoiding customers being on hold and getting frustrated.

2. Unlimited Calling

Voice Unlimited Calling Feature

Making unlimited calls around the world and getting connected to several numbers of users is one of the prime features that any audio chat API solution provider can provide. All this has been made available in a very cost-effective manner.

3. Conferencing Calling

Audio Conference Calling API

With voice calling API, the open-source used is VoIP SDK functionality that provides a certain outstanding set of features that includes conference calling as well.

However, here you can connect calls from mobile applications to any carrier network with a low latency ensuring high and enriched voice quality.

It allows you to get connected to multiple users at the same via across the globe through any device.

4. Call Queuing

Audio Call API Call Queuing

Most of the time it so happens that the agent happens to be too busy and won’t be able to pick the call. In such a case the next call in the queue will automatically get diverted to the next available agent.

5. Cross-platform Calling

Audio Call API Crossplatform Feature

The cross-platform application provides multi-party voice call features that can enhance engagement across the board. In other words, you can make voice calls from a desktop, mobile app, or from any platform with high-end quality.


Programmable VoIP and SIP

SIP is a signaling protocol that permits VoIP by defining the messages that have been sent between endpoints. Moreover, used to manage the actual elements of a call.

VoIP is a technology in communication that supports sending or receiving voice messages over the internet.

7. Speech to Text

Voice Chat SDK Speech to Text

Converting speech to text has been designed mainly for those people who have disabilities in their hands. This feature allows them to have their voice recorded, which can be later transcripted into text format with a suitable language structure. Even this feature is useful for older people too.

8. Call Monitoring and Recording

Voice Call API Call Monitoring Feature

It is always healthy to maintain quality in calls by recording and monitoring the calls when it’s about retaining customer satisfaction. Thus, this feature enables you to monitor the conversation that takes place between the customer and agent. These recorded calls are also utilized for training purposes for the upcoming new employees.

9. Low Latency

Audio Calling API Low Latency Feature

With this feature, you can experience a clear HQ audio call with low bandwidth that can maximize the voice calling experience on all devices.

Voice call solution uses latency-based DNS that routes all the calls to the nearest data center to enhance your global presence.


However, these are some of the features but there are a lot more that can grab anybody’s attention.

The audio call API is the most considered reason behind the success of any business. It creates a great impact on the productivity as well as the safety of any business.

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